Chess Club Ladder

At Tuesday meetings, one of the ways that we stimulate a more competitive nature to club games is the inclusion of a ladder system. In this system, players are ranked on a relative measure of past performance within the club, such that they are more easily able to find games that are at their skill level.

The players are ranked in the table, from top (ranked highest) to bottom (ranked lowest). Contact us today to get into the ladder action!

Rank Player
1 Tony Bao
2 Simon Gladstone
3 Guang Yu Song
4 Josh Myers
5 Zihan Wang
6 Luke Peristy
7 Sudhir Pokhrel
8 James Zhang
9 Chris Pallant
10 Connor Morrow
11 Justin Pool
12 Ben Lande
13 Hong Yi Xiong
14 David Tango
15 Mike Vaselenak
16 Dylan McTeirnan
17 Aidrian Ranjith
18 Michael Assuras
19 Joaquin Sanchez de Lozada
20 Alfred Chen
21 Charles Cai
22 Umer Naveed
23 Austin Gaghadar
Rankings as of: 30 Nov 2015 12:09 AM EST

*Rules: You can play a player 3 places above and below your current ranking. Each ladder game at club meetings will be 5-10 minutes in length. When you beat a player ranked higher than you, you switch positions with them and if you lose or tie against someone ranked higher than you, the rankings stay the same.

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